Village Residents: Register your Scarecrow for 2019!

We are so grateful to residents for supporting the Scarecrow Festival with your wonderful creations.

This year, one of our very kind village residents has offered Cash Prizes for the best Scarecrow Builders!

First Prize £50 

Second Prize £30

Third Prize £20 

Plus, a £50  random draw prize. All of the Scarecrow Numbers will be put in a hat and a random number will be drawn out!

There will also be a Village Vote with prizes for the winner of the Village Vote Best Scarecrow also.

If you are a village resident and are planning on building or creating a scarecrow for the festival then please sign up to register your scarecrow below.

If your home is a little off the beaten track but you would still like to build a scarecrow then please indicate this and you can always place your scarecrow in a more prominent location and let us know where it is situated.

Please note it really helps us if you register your scarecrow in advance so that we can issue you a number which ensures people can vote for your Scarecrow.

For any questions please email us on

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