We’re delighted to announce that the overall winner of the Flamstead Scarecrow Festival was “Bowser – Super Mario”, created by Nicole Murray and Family. In 2nd Place was Elton John: created by Tim and Sue Wright. 3rd Place – went to Entry 2 – The Were Rabbit, created by Hartley and Pam Dean

Here are the top 20 Scarecrows as voted for by our visitors:


Top 20

4th – Knock the Crows – Angela Perry and Peter Segal

5th – Pirates of the Caribbean – Appletree’s Nursery

6th – Senor Shrexican – Created by Roy and Sandy Lambden

7th- Spiderman – Created by Michelle Bennett

8th – Striking Scarecrow! – Created by Phillipa Mercer

9th – Driver Joe – Created by Liz Foster

10th – Guns n Crowses – Created by Kathryn Stackhouse

11th – Pyschcrowpath – Created by Lee Murray

12th – Crowna Lisa – Created by Katie Cripps

13th – Corvus – Created by Helen Lincoln

14th – Pirates of the Crowbbean – Created by Nicky Sanders

15th – Minty Dim’s Wildlife Garden – Created by Mary Webb

16th – BarbieQ – Created by Dee Woods

17th – Wednesday – Created by Cathryn Egan

18th – Minions – Created by Louise Russell

19th – Scarey Stumps Bairscrow! Created by Jen Carson

20th – Flamstead Postman – Created by Carron Cookson


Once again a very big THANK YOU to all of our scarecrow builders, volunteers, and everyone involved in the weekend’s events, in any way.